More musings on the staff of life.
This week, The Grasshopper has mostly been thinking about the staff of life.

December 2021

The Grasshopper wishes glædelig jul to all his readers.
How many more hidden treasures are Historic England locking away?
Announcing the launch of a new Substack newsletter from the author of The Grasshopper
The Grasshopper has always thought the drum-buffer-rope method is worth knowing about. It can cut down stress in life – perhaps it IS life!
New for Winter 21/22!

November 2021

In 2050, how might a Net Zero Native live life? Without the urge to own something that smells of engine and goes brumm brumm?
Still Got The BluesListen now (8 min) | Ep 1: Coming Soon
The government has done an embarrassing U-turn again, this time on amendments to the environment bill. Where does that leave certain MP's who should…

October 2021

This whole business of understanding what on earth these Net Zero geeks are banging on about is like green onions.
Smallholders and garden farmers give animals names. And once named, eating them becomes, well, tricky.