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About The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is a free-ranging blog from - I hope you will find - a free-thinking individual. It has no constraints, but here are some its most important themes:

  • The freedom of individuals to act and say as they think, without fear of harm from any quarter.

  • Freedom from labelling of people by other people who rush to put them into boxes marked ‘unwanted’.

  • The bundling of big issues into tiny frames, painted to appeal to those who go only for the colour of the frame without glancing at the wonderful detail of the picture within.

  • The glorious history of the polymath and our desperate need for more interdisciplinarians in this ever more specialising age.

At the same time, The Grasshopper aims to have an entertaining side. As a musician, writer and storyteller, I hope you enjoy my more right-brained contributions too.

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